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When it comes to cleaning your ducts, we recommend a thorough cleaning at least once every three to five years. Within this period, dust can begin to build up in the system. If you let this go, your ducts could start to develop clogs and other issues. All of these issues combined can cause problems in your home. In fact, if you don’t clean your ducts, you could end up getting a clog, air leak and even mold in the ductwork. On the other hand, having your ducts cleaned can let air flow smoothly throughout your home without any problems, such as health issues. Moreover, you will also save money on your monthly electric bill because your HVAC system won’t have to work hard to keep you comfortable.

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Have you ever started sneezing as soon as you walk into your home? This could be the result of dust circulating throughout your home’s ductwork. Since HVAC systems work by recycling the air inside a home, it is important to keep the ducts nice and clean. Our techs will use high-powered vacuums to clean your ducts and vents. Clean air is essential, and it can have you breathing easy at night. Moreover, you’ll also notice an improvement in the air quality in your home.

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How do I Know If My Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned?

The most dangerous part of having a dirty duct is that you don’t know what’s growing within the ducts. Ignoring or not cleaning your ducts can lead to mold and bacteria. Mold has been known to grow in the ductwork when moisture builds up and can’t escape. This can be caused by a clog or an air leak. If you notice that you start coughing, sneezing or have trouble breathing in your own home, you may need your ducts cleaned.

When was your system last checked?

Do you or any family members suffer from allergies?

Does your family have any pets?

Are there any smokers in your household?

How often is your home deep cleaned for dust?

Have you recently done construction in your home?

Do you suspect your home has poor airflow?

Do you live in a humid area?

There are several ways to tell if your air ducts are dirty and need to be cleaned:

  • Dust balls, excess cobwebs, or noticeable particles are coming out of the system.
  • Visible mold is on or around the surfaces of ducts.
  • Excess debris, animal droppings, and/or insects are inside ducts.
  • Presence of unpleasant, consistent odors throughout your home. 

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Along with our normal HVAC services, such as heat pump installation services, we also offer dryer vent cleaning alternatives. It is important to have your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. Because we all use dryers almost every day, cleaning the lint trap has become a regular routine. Moreover, cleaning your dryer vents is equally important. If you don’t clean your vents, lint and dust could build up with time. This could cause a clog and even a fire in your home. Remember to contact our company, Dean’s Service Inc., for all your HVAC and dryer vent cleaning services. Contact us today!

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