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Hiring a professional with years of experience is essential when it comes to your home’s many different systems and units. At Dean’s, we specialize in HVAC services in the Cherry Hill and surrounding New Jersey area. We maintain the highest level of quality from beginning to end. All of our technicians have at least five years of experience within the AC installation and maintenance field. As a company, we have over 40 years in business serving both the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

How Often Should My Dryer Vents Be Cleaned

Dryer vents do not typically make the top of the cleaning to-do list. From experience, we recommend servicing and cleaning your dryer vents at least every six months, especially before the winter season. Buildup can occur extremely fast, and preventing buildup can help maintain the efficiency and longevity of your machine.

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Why Cleaning Is Important

Over time buildup within dryer vents will naturally accrue. Buildup within the vents is one of the leading causes of household fires. Keep in mind, the dryer vent is typically unseen and enclosed in tight spaces, making it that much more susceptible to build up and low maintenance.

One factor to keep in mind is that dirt, lint, and other contaminants from clothing, blankets, etc. are incredibly flammable and burn much easier at normal temperatures. This debris can increase the odds of dangerous fires and household accidents. Just another reason for dryer vent cleaning in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Another factor to note is, buildup within dryer vents will slow down your machine and reduce the dryer’s efficiency. Over time through natural wear and tear, you may experience reduced efficiency; however, reducing the amount of stress on your machine through regular service and maintenance will extend the lifespan of the unit.

Most dryers built today are made to be extremely energy efficient and do not require as much power to run as in previous years. Overtime if you experience higher utility costs, it is a reliable indicator that service and cleaning should occur.

Benefits Of Dryer Cleaning Include:

Reduced risk of household fires

Fewer dryer repairs

Faster drying cycle

Increased dryer lifespan

Lower energy costs

Benefits Of Dryer Cleaning Include:

At Dean’s, we pride ourselves on quality customer service, after each service, we provide a follow-up call to make sure the maintenance resolved the issues. Enjoy peace of mind this season and call us any time at (888)-433-0242. Contact us for fast, reliable service!

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