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HVAC Repair & Maintenance in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Heater Repair in Bensalem

The first thing to remember — when it comes to HVAC service in Bensalem, nobody beats Dean’s. Whether you need a repair or an installation, make sure that you contact Dean’s Service Inc. We are an HVAC company that offers many choices in heating repair services. Moreover, we can also do both installations and maintenance services as well. As the cold weather approaches, it is important to make sure your system is working properly. If you do need any type of repair, our techs will be able to repair your system. Our company can perform all types of HVAC repairs. We will make sure to give you affordable prices along with great, quality results.

Boiler Repair Services in Bensalem

Do you need a boiler repair? In fact, you have found the right company for the job. Our techs are trained to work on boiler and furnace repair alternatives. We always carry the right tools and equipment to complete any HVAC service in Bensalem. Specifically, types of repairs you may need for your heater can include the heat exchanger, blower fan, and more. Moreover, we use high-quality parts on your heater repairs to enhance the performance of your furnace or boiler. Finally, even if you need a complete replacement, our techs are trained experts when it comes to installations as well.

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Dean’s HVAC Tune-up Includes

Inspecting and cleaning blower assembly

Checking the drain pan and condensate lines

Checking burner assembly, heat exchanger, and heating elements

Inspecting the fan belt, motor, fan blades

Installation and Maintenance Services

Aside from our heating repair options, we can also do maintenance and complete HVAC replacements. We may recommend a new heater if your old system continuously breaks down. However, we can do maintenance work on your heater on a regular basis. By doing this, we can optimize your heating system for the winter months and extend the overall lifespan of your heater. Remember to contact Dean’s Service Inc. for all your heater repairs, installations, and maintenance. Rest assured that we will have your home nice and warm throughout the winter season.

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