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Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality
By Dean’s Service | September 25, 2018
Do you ever think about the quality of the air you’re breathing in when you’re at home? For most people, the answer is no. You assume that because you are at home and inside, the air you are breathing is perfectly clean. However, this isn’t always true. The atmosphere inside of your home can be as polluted, if not more polluted, than the air outside.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality
Electrostatic Filters
You might be wondering what exactly an electrostatic air filter is. To put it simply, it cleans the air by using static electricity. Air filters through multiple metal vents which creates a charge and then traps dust particles in the air filter.

These filters remove all particles including dust, bacteria, smoke, and mold and they produce no ozone emissions. The best part is that these are relatively inexpensive and never require replacement!

UV Light CLeaners
Another tool that purifies indoor air is a UV light cleaner. These are a newer form of technology used to clean the air within your home, by using ultraviolet light to kill air impurities. When utilized correctly, this form of air purification can safely kill germs, mold, mildew, and in some cases even bacteria and viruses.

A UV cleaner works by pulling air through a fine filter and into a small chamber containing UV lights which kills the germs and bacteria. Once the air is purified, then it is released back into the surrounding room.

This option works exceptionally well for homeowners with a mold problem!

Nest Thermostat
The Nest Thermostat itself can’t do anything to improve or impact your air quality; however, it does send you reminders and notifications regarding the status of your air filters, air conditioning unit, furnaces, and other air systems.

Additionally, Nest Protect will notify you about smoke, carbon monoxide, low batteries and more. These notifications are not only beneficial for your air quality but also for your safety!

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