HVAC Maintenance Tips
By Dean’s Service | January 14, 2019
Making an effort to prevent the need for professional maintenance before anything happens is, indeed, one of our specialties. We are offering some helpful tips that can easily be done by any home or business owner.

Before offering any advice regarding your HVAC equipment, we highly recommend that you contact a professional first, even with the simplest of questions.

Tip 1:
Clean, clean and keep clean. All HVAC equipment should be treated with the best of care. It is in the best interest of every property owner to include all HVAC equipment in their regular home or business cleaning routines. Simply dusting or wiping down the exterior surfaces is a great start and will keep that dust from entering the inside of the system. Do not attempt to clean inside any HVAC equipment.

Tip 2:
Filters are critical components when it comes to climate control equipment, and they should be changed regularly. This is a simple fix and should be done even if the filters don’t seem visibly dirty. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to the equipment that cleans the air you breathe.

Tip 3:
When in doubt, contact a professional. Should you have any concerns at all regarding your HVAC equipment, contact a professional. Experts can evaluate any situation over the phone, and again, it is always wise to start with the pros at Dean’s Service.

Your HVAC equipment is critical to your home’s health and comfort. Take the right steps to keep it in great shape. For expert advice and help on everything HVAC related, call Dean’s Service!