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Why You Need A Smart Thermostat
By Dean’s Service | September 13, 2018
I’m sure you’ve heard of a smart thermostat or, more specifically, the Nest Thermostat, but do you know what it does or how it can help you save money and become more energy efficient? In this blog, we will explain all of this and more.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats
Save Time
Nest Thermostats are the newest and most innovative technology when it comes to heating and cooling your home. With a Nest Thermostat, you can control the temperature of your home from the palm of your hand via the Nest app.

Furthermore, by tracking your phone’s location, it can even tell when you’re home or when you’re away, so you don’t have to bother programming your thermostat every day with the hours you’ll be home.

It gets even better. The Nest Thermostat learns your habits and behaviors, automatically heating and cooling your home after a few days of learning what you like. Your thermostat will also send you notifications about your air filters, carbon monoxide levels, low batteries and more, making this one of the most convenient smart tools for your home!

Save Money
Did you know that even with changing your light bulbs, buying more efficient appliances, and unplugging your electronics when you leave your home, there’s still more room to save money?

Your home’s thermostat controls nearly half of your energy bill! Can you imagine what upgrading it could do to your bills? Nest Thermostat users save hundreds of dollars on electricity and earn tons of rebates and discounts from various companies in the process!

Not only can you get discounts, but you can earn rewards from your energy company. On hot summer days when everyone else is blasting their AC’s, you’ll be using less energy and earning rewards in the process.

Save Energy
With the Nest Thermostat, it’s not only easier to save money, but it’s easier than ever to become a more energy efficient household. Because the Nest Thermostat turns itself off when no one is home, you don’t have to remember to program your thermostat everytime you enter or leave your house.

You also have the ability to check your energy history and see how much you have saved in the past and how you can save more in the future. The app will also alert you to problems with your system which could be wasting energy, like your furnace, filters and more.

Additionally, you can choose which rooms matter most to you. More specifically, you can decide which rooms get top priority when it comes to heating and cooling. For example, if your family spends more time in the living room, then you can direct more airflow here.

Save With Dean’s Service
If you live in the Philadelphia area and are interested in a Nest Thermostat, or you just want to learn more about our services, contact the professionals at Dean’s Service today! We take great pride in offering the most innovative technology on the market at great prices and have over 40 years of experience in doing so!