spring hvac checklist

Spring HVAC Checklist

By Dean’s Service

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that most homeowners take part in. It’s an opportunity to clean out your closet, throw away those year old boxes of pasta and generally clean your home to make room for the fresh air and new items for the year ahead.

Some of the most common tasks on peoples spring cleaning checklists include:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning floors and rugs

  • Dusting shelves and cabinets

  • Deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, especially the sink and toilet areas

  • Washing the windows

  • Wiping floors and baseboards (the baseboards collect a lot of dust and dirt)

  • Cleaning out and organizing dressers and closets in bedrooms

One area of the home that is often left off of the spring cleaning checklist is the HVAC unit. This makes it very difficult for your system to cool your home effectively. Keep reading for some HVAC cleaning tips.


Changing your filters shouldn’t just be a part of your springtime cleaning routine, but if there is a time you should have it on your list, it’s now! Realistically you should replace your air filters every six months, and every 2-3 months if you have pets in your home. Staying on top of your air filter replacement is imperative for your homes indoor air quality and for the functionality of your homes HVAC system.

AC Coils

Because of how tightly AC coils are bound, the condensation, dirt, dust and other pollutants quickly build-up on their surface which reduces the systems ability to cool your home. Not only will it make your home less comfortable but it will also have an impact on your energy bills because your unit will have to work twice as hard to keep your home at a cool temperature.

HVAC Inspection

Even though there are a lot of pieces to HVAC maintenance that you can do yourself to ensure your HVAC is working correctly for the summer season, nothing beats a professional inspection. During a seasonal maintenance service, you can expect an overall inspection of the system, identification of potential issues, air filter replacement, and checking all fluid levels.

For all of your HVAC inspections, maintenance, or repair needs don’t hesitate to contact your local HVAC specialists. At Dean’s Service, we take extra care to make sure that each of our customers is satisfied and has cold air in their homes on the hottest summer days. Give us a call or visit our website for more information on the services that we offer.