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How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit For a Summer Storm

By Dean’s Service

Summer storms often pass through causing very little damage, but every once in awhile there’s a big one that leaves a mess in its wake. If you know a big storm is approaching, prepare your HVAC unit using these tips!

Depending on the severity of the storm you are anticipating, you might need to take other precautions for your HVAC unit and your home as well. These tips are merely a starting point for your whole home storm preparation!

Remove Loose Objects

One of the most significant risks your HVAC unit will face during a storm is all of the loose objects and debris that get knocked around your yard. To prepare for the storm, go around your yard and put all of the loose items in a more secure location. It would also be beneficial to trim loose or low hanging tree branches, cut back bushes and sweep up leaves. This is just less ammo to be fired at your HVAC unit in the midst of the high winds and rain.

You should also consider purchasing an HVAC cover or just using a tarp to keep unwanted debris and water out of it.

Secure the HVAC Unit/consider a cover

In heavy storms, there are also usually very high winds that could potentially knock over or damage your HVAC unit. To prepare for this possibility, make sure that you secure your unit with straps. Additionally, if your unit is in an area prone to flooding, you might want to place the unit on an elevated surface and then make sure the platform is secured as well as the unit.

Get an Inspection

You should turn your unit off before the storm begins, this will protect your home from power surges if there is lightning during the storm. Before you turn your unit back on after the storm, make sure that you have the unit inspected or inspect it yourself to make sure there are no obvious problems.

For more storm preparation tips or if you are in need of an inspection, don’t hesitate to contact Dean’s Service! We have been serving the New Jersey and Philadelphia area for over 40 years and know exactly how to help you with your HVAC unit.